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Discussion of Indo-European Issues

Discussion is invited in respect of articles published in JIES. In this connection we are posting the following paper which has been received by the General Editor.

Obstacles to Identifying the Origins of India's History and Culture, Malati J. Shendge (PDF)

We also recommend the large and valuable collection of linguistic references, including Indo-European languages, Indo-European linguistics, Indo-European culture, Indo-European texts, online documents, scholars' publications, and more, can be found at the Indo-European Documentation Center at the University of Texas at Austin.

Creation of the Indo-European Documentation Center, which is designed as a service to scholars and members of the public interested in Indo-European language and culture, was supported by the Diebold Foundation. The Center's long-range goal is to provide a searchable index of materials. Our original 1999 index was produced by the Center and we are most grateful for our continued collaborations.

21 April 2003
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