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Egeler, Matthias
  • (2009) Textual Perspectives on Prehistoric Contacts: Some Considerations on Female Death Demons, Heroic Ideologies and the Notion of Elite Travel in European Prehistory
Volume 37, p. 321
Elder, Laura Ward, and Ronald Hicks
  • (2003) Festivals, Deaths, and the Sacred Landscape of Ancient Ireland
Volume 31, p. 307
Ellis, Linda
  • (1978) Reinterpretation of the West Slavic Cult Site in Arkona
Volume 6, p. 1
  • (1980) Analysis of Cucuteni-Tripolye and Kurgan Pottery and the Implications for Ceramic Technology
Volume 8, p. 211
Epstein, Angelique Gulermovich
  • (1994) Miscarriages and Miraculous Births in Indo-European Tradition
Volume 22, p. 151
Erdal, Marcel
  • (1993) Around the Turkic 'Apple'
Volume 21, p. 27
Erol, Ayse F.
  • (2008) Analysing the Relationship between the Crescent Shaped Shield and the Amazons
Volume 36, p. 411
Eska, Charlene M.
  • (2012) Celtic and Germanic Light on Hittite Divorce Law
Volume 40, p. 300
Eska, Joseph F.
  • (2014) Comments on John T. Koch’s Tartessian-as-Celtic Enterprise
Volume 42, p. 428
Eska, Joseph F. (and Rex E. Wallace)
  • (2002) Thoughts on Vercelli eu
Volume 30, p. 129
Estell, Michael
  • (1999) Orpheus and Rbhu Revisited
Volume 27, p. 327
(Quintela, Marco V. García and) Manuel Santos Estévez
  • (2004) Proto-Indo-European, Pre-Indo-European, Old European Archaeological Evidence and Linguistic Investigation
Volume 32, p. 319
Everson, Michael
  • (1989) Tenacity in Religion, Myth, and Folklore: The Neolithic Goddess of Old Europe Preserved in a Non-Indo-European Setting
Volume 17, p. 277
Barðdala, Jóhanna, Valgerður Bjarnadóttir, Serena Danesi, Tonya Kim Dewey, Thórhallur Eythórsson, Chiara Fedrianid & Thomas Smitherman
  • The Story of ‘Woe’
Volume 41, 321
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