Authors - N

Naafs-Wilstra, Marianne C.
  • (1987) Indo-European 'Dichtersprache' in Sappho and Alcaeus
Volume 15, p. 273
Neale, Harry
  • (2007) Iblís and the Threefold Death Motif in a Medieval Persian Hagiography
Volume 35, p. 275
Necrasov, Olga
  • (1980) Physical Anthropological Characteristics of Skeletons from Kurgan Graves in Romania
Volume 8, p. 337
Ní Chatháin, Próinéas
  • (1991) Traces of the Cult of the Horse in Early Irish Sources
Volume 19, p. 123
Nichols, Johanna
  • Comments on Alan Bomhard, “The Origins of Proto-Indo-European: The Caucasian Substrate Hypothesis”
  • (2019) A Further Remark on the Caucasian Substrate Hypothesis
Volume 47, p. 381
Nielsen, Katherine
  • (2002) "Hver tídendi eru at segja frá um ragnarøkr?": The Debate over Christian Influences in Norse Indo-European Tradition
Volume 30, p. 61
Niepokuj, Mary
  • (1997) Requests for a Hearing in Norse and Other Indo-European Languages
Volume 25, p. 49
Nikolaev, Alexander
  • (2009) The Germanic word for 'sword' and delocatival derivation in Proto-Indo-European
Volume 37, p. 462
Nikolova, Lolita
  • (2000) The Balkan Proto-Indo-Europeans in the Fourth and Third Millennia BC
Volume 28, p. 197
Norelius, Per-Johan
  • (2017) Indra’s Flight and Affliction: Vedic Reminiscences of an Indo-European Myth
Volume 45, p. 333
  • (2020) The Divine Miscarriage: Mārtāṇḍa, the Sun, and the Birth of Mankind
Volume 48, p. 151
Norouzalibeik, Vahid and Earl R. Anderson
  • (2008). Father-Son Combat: An Indo-European Typescene and its Variations
Volume 36, p. 269
Nussbaum, Alan J.
  • (1973) Benuso, Couortuso, and the Archetype of Tab. Ig. I
Volume 1, p. 356
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