The Journal of Indo-European Studies
Monograph Series

Indo-European Origins: The Anthropological Evidence
Monograph No. 002 - By John V. Day
A comprehensive survey of the evidence from biological anthropology for Indo-European origins, based on the author’s Ph.D. thesis prepared under Professor James Mallory. The author first considers the various ways that languages can spread and the possible biological implications of these expansions. He then embarks on an exhaustive survey of over 2,600 books and articles relating to the physical anthropology of the earliest identified speakers of Indo-European languages, based on ancient texts, artworks and lexicons. Covering Europe and Asia from the Neolithic onwards, His study surveys dermatoglyphics, mummified corpses, skeletal remains and genetic material for evidence of ancient population movements. An attempt is then made to integrate findings from biological anthropology with data from linguistics, archaeology and social anthropology to test the validity of migration theories in relation to the dispersal of the Indo-European languages and the possible location of a hypothecated proto-Indo-European language. The bibliography lists over 2,600 books and articles.

Preface, Introduction, Language Change, Lexical Evidence, Phonological Evidence, Textual Evidence, Artistic Evidence, Dermatoglyphic Evidence, Cranioskeletal Evidence, Genetic Evidence, Conclusions

ISBN 0-941694-75-5
2001, Pages xxvi +546,
Softcover with 93 figures and tables: $98.00

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