The Journal of Indo-European Studies
Monograph Series

Greater Anatolia and the Indo-Hittite Language Family:
Papers presented at a Colloquium hosted
by the University of Richmond, March 18-19, 2000
Monograph No. 38 — Edited by Robert Drews

The papers in this monograph are the product of a symposium organized to investigate the validity of, and interrelationship between several theories. Prominent amongst these were the Indo-Hittite theory that Proto-Indo-European arose amongst the languages of the Greater Anatolian landmass lying between the Aegean and the Caspian, the claim by Gamkrelidze and Ivanov that proto-Indo-European was spoken in the valleys of the middle Kura and Arexas just west of the Caspian, and the argument by Colin Renfrew that Proto-Indo-European had originated amongst early cultivators in southern Anatolia and had been carried into Europe along with knowledge of farming.
Robert Drews: Introduction and Acknowledgments, Opening Remarks; E.J.W. Barber: The  Clues  in  the  Clothes—Some  Independent  Evidence  for  the  Movement  of  Families;  Paul  Zimansky: Archaeological  Inquiries  into  Ethno-Linguistic  Diversity  in  Urartu;  Peter  Ian  Kuniholm: Dendrochronological  Perspectives  on  Greater  Anatolia  and  the  Indo-Hittite  Language  Family;  Discussion  Session,  Saturday  Morning;  Colin  Renfrew:  The  Anatolian  Origins of Proto-Indo-European and the Autochthony of the Hittites; Jeremy Rutter: Critical  Response  to  the  First  Four  Papers;  Discussion  Session,  Saturday  Afternoon;  Margalis  Finklelberg: The  Language  of  Linear  A—Greek,  Semitic,  or  Anatolian?;  Alexander  Lehrmann: Reconstructing  Indo-Hittite;  Vyacheslav  V.  Ivanov: Southern Anatolian and Northern Anatolian as Separate Indo-European Dialects and Anatolian as a Late Linguistic Zone; Bill J. Darden: On the Question of the Anatolian Origin of Indo-Hittite; Craig Melchert: Critical Response to the Last Four Papers; Discussion Session—Saturday Morning; Robert Drews: Greater Anatolia, Proto-Anatolian, Proto-Indo-Hittite, and Beyond; Geoffrey D. Summers: Appendix—Questions Raised by the Identification of Neolithic, Chalcolithic and Early Bronze Age Horse Bones in Anatolia. Index.

ISBN 0-941694-77-1
2001, Page xiv and 305
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