The Journal of Indo-European Studies
Monograph Series

Tocharica et archaeologica: A Festschrift in Honor of J. P. Mallory
Monograph 69 — Edited by Victor H. Mair

This volume of celebratory papers, assembled upon the retirement of J. P. Mallory from his two decades as editor of the Journal of Indo-European Studies, has been written by his colleagues in admiration and gratitude for his long service to the journal and to the field in general. The contents mirror the broad range of the honoree's own expertise and interest in Indo-European studies. Above all is his consuming passion for the history of the Tocharians and their language, a subject on which he has labored diligently throughout his career: Who were the Tocharians? Where did they come from? Where did they end up? With what other languages was their own tongue related? This consuming quest led him to delve deeply into the realms of linguistics, archeology, and cultural anthropology, all of which are represented in the papers collected in this volume.
Indo-European studies has been much enriched by J. P. Mallory's dedication to the journal that he edited with such care and precision. This monograph reflects the esteem and respect in which the contributors, all specialists in related fields, hold the honoree, J. P. Mallory.
Foreword; Victor H. Mair Preface; Douglas Q. Adams On the Significance of Some Iranian Loanwords in Tocharian; Donald Ringe A New Argument from Old Principles: Tocharian A cmol ‘birth’ and Its Implications; Melanie Malzahn Tocharian B ārkwi, A ārki ‘white’ Revisited; Brian D. Joseph More on Albanian Negation; Václav Blažek Hippologica Euroasiatica: Tocharian A lāk*; Adrian Poruciuc Gothic hlaiw as a Loan Word in Slavic and Romanian; Victor H. Mair and Diana Shuheng Zhang How to Ride Your Elephant: Sanskritic Dream Omens in Tocharian;  Harald Haarmann The Innovation of Wheel and Wagon: Transport Technology as a Multicultural Joint Venture of Pastoralists and Agriculturalists; Peter S. Wells Ornate Drinking Vessels as Indices of Feasting in Bronze and Iron Age Europe; Alexandra Comşa Some Pathological Conditions of the (Bronze Age) Tumular Ochre Bearers in Connection with Their Environment; List of References.

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